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The main issues with shavers & trimmers are battery loss, motor wear & tear, PC board malfunction and broken trimmers. We carry replacement accessories and parts for all of the major shaver & trimmer brands.  Our on-site technicians are experts at servicing, repairing and replacing anything & everything related to shavers and trimmers. Our services include but are not limited to shaver screen replacement, clipper blade sharpening, clipper alignment and tune-up, battery replacement, replacement of power cords, coils, brushes and casings. To the same extent we also repair and service women's shavers and epilators. Give us a call today and find out how we can serve you today! 


Our on-site technicians are skilled at sharpening everything from knives, cleavers, scissors, clipper blades, gardening tools (shears, lawn mower blades, etc.), food processor knives, meat grinder blades and everything under the sun that could potentially be sharpened. We're experts at sharpening and have been doing it over for 20 years! We're fast, professional and guarantee our service. If you're not happy by the end of it, the sharpening's on us! Get the sharpening services you need while you wait. 


We service and repair all types of Espresso Machines such as BREVILLE, LAVAZZA, LAPAVONI, SAECO, WAYFAIR, DELONGHI, ZUCCARINI, FAEMA & MANY MORE!

The majority of espresso machine issues that arise are related to calcium deposit build-up which restricts the flow of water and develops pressure points within the machine resulting in leakage and pump breakdown. In addition, seals, O-rings, sensors and solenoid valves wear out over time which leaves the brewing cycle incomplete. Moreover, integrated coffee grinders require service often as stubborn coffee beans get stuck between grinder disks causing machine malfunction. At the same time, Electronic printed circuit board (PCB) become defective when any single one of its components burns out or breaks. These are just a few of the issues we regularly work with while repairing our clients’ espresso machines. Bring your machine in today and see how we can assist you. In addition to our service repair, we also perform regular servicing, descaling, tune-ups and maintenance. As part of our servicing we diagnose your machine and assess if the machine has any related issues. We handle both fully automatic, manual and semi-manual espresso machines of all major brands such as Delonghi, Saeco, Krups, Jura amongst many more. 


Stand mixers require regular maintenance and grease replenishment as the grease loses its  properties over time causing the stand mixer to work inefficiently therefore hindering the operation of the machine. This is due to considerable wear and tear on moving parts such as gears, bearings, bushings and carbon brushes. Moreover, at times these machines are subjected to excessive loads, the alignments of shafts and related parts are affected causing machine malfunction. Also, speed control is often an issue as the speed of the machine stays the same even when you use the various different speed functions of the machine. Our service centre is equipped to completely diagnose, service and repair all issues that arise with stand mixers. We continually diagnose, service and repair Kitchenaid, Kenwood, Cuisinart, Salton, Oster and Breville stand mixers. Contact us today to see how we can assist you!


Our service centre sees an abundant amount of issues related to Food Processors, Blenders and Juicers. This is mainly due to the overall wear & tear of their drivers, PC Boards, sensors and couplings. These machines have an overload protection whereby cut outs blow up due to protection of the appliances. Our expert on-site technicians can diagnose, service and repair these machines with out any issue. We repair Braun, Kitchenaid, Delonghi, Salton, Hamilton Beach, Breville, Oster and numerous other known brands on a regular basis. Visit us at any time to see how we can assist you.


We also diagnose, service and repair numerous other kitchen appliances which include but are not limited to coffee makers, kettles, toasters, toaster ovens, steam irons, clothing steamers, coffee grinders, panini grills, waffle makers, ice makers, humidifiers, air cleaners, heaters, fans, hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons amongst many other appliances. We guarantee our services and work tirelessly to make sure you’re satisfied. Call us today!

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