Philips SERIES 9000 PRESTIGE Silver Rechargeable Shaver

Ultimate Closeness & Skin Comfort

The Philips SERIES 9000 PRESTIGE shaver has a shaving head with SkinComfort rings coated with metallic pigments for anti-friction that improves gliding when shaving.

The BeardAdapt Sensor checks the density of your hair 15 times / second and adapts the shaver according to your hair type, even on a quite long 7 days beard.

NanoTech blades reinforced with nano particles have very strong and durable sharp edges. They cut hair with the highest precision, delivering extremely close results at skin level.

Fewer passes are needed for a complete shave. The Philips skin protection system has new wider & rounder openings that catch more hair in a pass.

Customize your shave with the 3 modes: sensitive, normal and fast. The ContourDetect heads follows the contours of your face catching any hair, even difficult to catch or curled.

Thanks to the included Qi Charging Pad, you can quickly, easily & wirelessly charge your Philips SERIES 9000 PRESTIGE shaver, as well as any other Qi compatible device - such as the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

The set includes a Premiun travel pouch that carries the Qi charging Pad and shaver, as well as a SmartClick precision trimmer.

Philips SERIES 9000 PRESTIGE Silver Rechargeable Shaver

SKU: SP9860/13